the Pyrenees from Gruissan Plage
Living the Dream, title
In southern France
Living in the centre of Narbonne and exploring the surrounds
On the canals of France
2,500 miles on a Dutch Motor-yacht on the canals of France
On the canals of England
1,000 miles in a Narrow Boat on the canals of England
the cathedral, Narbonnecanal boatingcanal narrow boat

Since the first day we met, we decided that we wanted to live on the canals of Europe on our own boat. Two divergent individual paths had had the same destiny. It took a sunny, balmy day in Miami for us to meet and subsequently spark inspiration for the planning and hard work ahead. Of course, a bit of a love story and romance is involved. Maybe that's what "soul mates" are all about - an understanding that your destinies are bound together and your goals and dreams are the same. Thus we have titled our website "Living the Dream". For this has been our dream and since August 1992 our dream has become reality and we can say we are truly "Living the Dream".

Rob and Marlane